Where does Seattle rank for best airports to fly out of?

Flying is never easy, but it turns out certain airports are more manageable than others.

A new report from AirHelp, a travel claims management agency, reveals which airports were the worst to fly out of in May 2024. The company analyzed how often certain airports dealt with disruptions.

AirHelp told Fox Business it collected data from airports "that experienced the most and fewest flight disruptions in May ahead of a busy summer travel season." The report analyzed airports that had more than 100,000 flights in the month of May.

What are the ten airports that dealt with the most disruptions last month? See below:

10. Ronald Reagan National Airport – 27.8% of flights disrupted 

9. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – 28.4% of flights disrupted 

8. Denver International Airport – 28.7% of flights disrupted 

7. Orlando International Airport – 30.5% of slights disrupted 

6. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport – 30.5% of flights disrupted 

5. Miami International Airport – 31.7% of flights disrupted 

4. O’Hare International Airport – 34.7% of flights disrupted 

3. Charlotte Douglas International Airport – 37.8% of flights disrupted 

2. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport – 40.6% of flights disrupted 

1. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport – 45.6% of flights disrupted

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport came in at the top of the "worst" airports list, with nearly half of its flights being disrupted in May.

With Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport coming in at second worst, the Lone Star State may be a less-than-ideal state to fly out of this summer. Three of Florida's airports were also included as some of the worst offenders.

Which airports were the best to fly out of last month? 

10. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – 24.6% of flights disrupted

9. Los Angeles International Airport – 24.2% of flights disrupted

8. Philadelphia International Airport – 23.6% of flights disrupted

7. New York LaGuardia Airport – 23.6% of flights disrupted

6. Boston Logan International Airport – 23.4% of flights disrupted

5. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – 23.3% of flights disrupted

4. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport – 22.1% of flights disrupted

3. John F. Kennedy International Airport – 21.8% of flights disrupted

2. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport – 20.8% of flights disrupted

1. Salt Lake City International Airport – 18.6% of flights disrupted

Travelers flying in and out of Utah were more likely to have a smooth airport experience last month, with only 18.6% of flights at Salt Lake City International Airport being disrupted.

In general, Northeast airports ranked highly. Two of the top 10 airports were located in New York City, one was in Boston and one was in Philadelphia.

West Coast travel hubs like Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport also ranked high. Two Midwestern hubs, both in Detroit and Minneapolis, had a relatively low number of disruptions as well.

Last month, a report found that U.S. passengers lost over 2.1 million hours of time from January 2023 to February 2024 due to travel issues. The FAA previously told FOX Business it expects summer to be a busy travel season.

"Our job is to get you to your destination safely and efficiently," the FAA's website says. "This summer will see more planes in the skies, frequent bad weather, and increased use of the nation’s airspace. We are continuously working to address these challenges."

Fox Business's Gabrielle Regalbuto contributed to this report.

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