Social media video sparks rumors that Idaho students slaying suspect attended victims' memorial

Fox Nation host and former prosecutor Nancy Grace entertained the idea that Idaho student slaying suspect Bryan Kohberger could have attempted to revel in his killings by attending a memorial service for the victims before his Dec. 30 arrest.

Grace's live hour-long special report dug into new evidence surrounding the University of Idaho quadruple murder investigation on Sunday night, and discussed a Twitter video fueling conspiracies that Kohberger actually attended a vigil outside the William H. Kibbie Activity Center at the university.

"Unconfirmed reports are surfacing now tonight that Kohberger actually waltzed across the floor of the memorial at the end of November for the four slain students," she said, asking Fox News correspondent Laura Ingle if she had seen the video.

"I have seen the video and there are obviously a lot of people who are paying very close attention to this and the movement of the people as they walk and, as we compare it to the video of Bryan Kohberger being led in and out of a courtroom," Ingle said. 


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"Something very interesting about that memorial service is that everybody who went in had to be screened and every person who was screened may have had their photo taken," she added.

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Ingle told Grace that people were watching everyone in attendance at the memorial and the family members of the four slain students feared the killer could be lingering nearby.

Still, she reiterated that no definitive answer of whether Kohberger attended the vigil exists.


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Grace and psychoanalyst Dr. Bethany Marshall said that criminals attending memorial services for their victims is no rare occurrence, and that detectives typically elect to comb over memorial sites for murder suspects in case they are hiding among the crowd.

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"This doesn't surprise me at all," Marshall said. "We see this all the time with cases of domestic homicide that we've covered where the wife is dead and the husband goes to memorials, passing our flyers," she added.

Marshall said Kohberger could have attended the vigil to "revel" in the crime he committed, particularly due to his obsession with crime.

"He's still reveling in the crime, and he's self-glorifying the crime," she told Grace.

"He's been fascinated with crime his entire life. His undergraduate degree was in crime, he's getting a PhD in criminology. He distributed that questionnaire on Reddit and on Facebook, asking people if they had ever committed a crime, what they felt before, during and after the commission of the crime…"

Forensics expert Sheryl McCollum, responding to Grace, said Kohberger could have returned to the crime scene for multiple reasons, including to revisit the memory of the murders or to retrieve the knife sheath.

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