Suspect in Nancy Moyer case released after federal charges dropped

SEATTLE -- The man who was arrested for the 2009 disappearance of Nancy Moyer is free after federal charges were dropped Thursday.

The suspect was only held on charges for federal gun crimes because prosecutors didn’t feel there was enough evidence for a murder charge just yet.

However, those charges were dismissed because the presented evidence didn’t meet federal standards, according to the prosecutor's office.

The suspect previously confessed to Moyer’s death but recanted that confession.

If sufficient evidence for other charges is found, the suspect may be rearrested.

“It’s still a very active and ongoing investigation, we have a lot of resources invested in it and are working toward a successful outcome in the case,” Lt. Ray Brady with Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said. “Next, continue to look for leads and evidence in the case and keep working those avenues that we have.”