'Belltown Hellcat' refuses to cooperate with Seattle officers at inspection

The loud muscle car known as the "Belltown Hellcat" appeared Friday at Seattle Police Department's West Precinct for a court-ordered noise compliance check. But city officials tell FOX 13 Seattle Miles Hudson, owner of the Hellcat, refused to cooperate with the inspection.

Photographs showing police officers with the vehicle's hood and trunk open began surfacing on social media platforms, including Reddit and Instagram. The images depict Hudson, with his jacket hood pulled up, seemingly hiding his face from the camera.

On his personal Instagram, Hudson lightheartedly referred to the inspection as a "drug bust." But this was not an arrest. Instead, police were looking for proof that the "Hellcat" had lost its roar.

According to case documents, the judge-mandated inspection was to ascertain whether Hudson had obeyed the court order to modify the vehicle's exhaust system, which had been the cause of complaints due to its loud, window-rattling noise.

Seattle city ordinances state that no vehicle is permitted to operate within city limits if its exhaust noise is over 95 decibels or can be heard from more than 75 feet away.

But it was all for nothing. Officials with the Seattle City Attorneys' Office say Hudson refused to cooperate with the inspection, and he failed to complete the requirements.

Making the "Hellcat" street legal will not resolve Hudson’s ongoing legal troubles. He is also contending with $83,000 in fines for neglecting earlier court orders intended to halt his disruptive, noise-rattling drive-bys.

Further legal issues loom for Hudson, who is dealing with separate charges of stalking and harassment in Seattle. These new accusations stem from a violation of a suspended sentencing agreement out of Renton in 2022, which involved an assault charge after a confrontation with his mother because she wouldn't make coffee.

Hudson is scheduled for his next court appearance concerning the driving fines next week.


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