Meet the 'Summer Queens': cignature Returns with 'Sweetie but Saltie'

K-pop group cignature is back with their latest album "Sweetie but Saltie" with the perfect tracks for summer.

The group has become known for their fun and bright tracks since their debut that have given them the nickname of "summer queens" by some of their fans.

The members tell FOX 13 that the album title is the perfect way to describe themselves.

"Just like the title of the album, ‘Sweetie but Saltie,’ this album showcases both our sweet and salty aspects. Showing only one side wouldn't be as interesting, so this album perfectly captures the essence of summer and the sea, highlighting both our sweet and salty charms," explains JEEWON.

The title track of the album is "Poongdung" meaning splash, the perfect title for this summer hit.

"When I first heard ‘Poongdung,’ it had different lyrics then and felt suitable for spring with its breezy vibe. After receiving the new lyrics and recording it with my own voice, it felt different; brighter and more fitting for cignature. Now, I think it's a perfect song for the summer," says DOHEE.

The music video, which has already received over 10 million views since release, was filmed in Portugal, the second overseas trip the members have taken to film their music videos.

However, the trip had a rough start that the members look back on now.

"We were very excited to go film a music video far away from Korea, but then there was an accident where we lost all of our luggage in our stylists had to go to shopping malls to get out outfits, and we didn’t have any makeup or hair products," says CHLOE, a U.S. native who attended college at The University of Michigan.

They did not let that mishap stop the show from going on though.

"The director did an excellent job of capturing us beautifully in the video, making the filming experience truly enjoyable. We also had a lot of fun exploring the natural beauty of Lisbon during the shoot," says CHAESOL.

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While the members have mastered the bright and bubbly concept, they have another concept they would like to try that they think would surprise fans.

"I thought a hip-hop concept would look really cool on us. During our hiatus, we learned a lot of hip-hop dance moves, so showcasing them would definitely surprise our fans," explains SEMI.

DOHEE adds, "The members are versatile and capable of pulling off any concept, making a charismatic style a natural fit for us. Given the opportunity, I'd love to explore this different, more charismatic concept."

But now, as they promote "Sweetie but Saltie," they have a message to fans who waited for them during their hiatus.

"We thank all our fans who patiently wait for us. Now that we've made our comeback in the summer, we will definitely prove ourselves as the summer queens. Please stay tuned. We love and appreciate you all dearly. We promise to always deliver our best performances. Thank you," CHAESOL concludes.


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