'I knew it was coming!' Video captures dangerous crash

WARNING:  The video contains some foul language

FAYETTE COUNTY, Penn. -- Two men following an erratic driver captured a dangerous car crash on camera.

In a video posted on YouTube, the men start recording when they see an SUV in front of them swerving on and off of Route 21 in Pennsylvania.

About 2:30 into the video, the SUV signals the driver is going to make a left turn.

Seconds later, the SUV is seen turning across the road in front of another vehicle -- slamming into it head-on. That truck ricochets off the SUV and hits the truck that was following behind.

“I started actually praying for her and everybody else on the road and making sure; praying, hoping everyone would be okay,” Kaecieo Bass, the man who recorded the video, told WWLP.

The two men in the truck were not hurt, but the other two drivers were both taken to the hospital, according to WWLP.

Troopers told the station they are still investigating and it is unclear if charges will be filed against the driver.