The first cold front of the season is rolling through Western Washington

SEATTLE - Welcome to November.

The first cold front of the season began rolling through Thursday night and will last into Friday morning.

It will produce some heavy rain for a short period, but the more noticeable feature will be the breezy to gusty winds. This is not a wind storm, but it’ll be gusty for sure. Gusts of 30 mph will be common for all, but some higher gusts will arrive overnight especially for the foothills and towns north of Everett. By 11 p.m., in fact, there had been a 51 mph in Everett.

The front will move through at about 3 a.m., and the winds will last through 9 a.m. Power outages are expected.

The jet stream is bringing us mostly westerly winds, which gives most of the Seattle metro area a “rain shadow." That means the beach, the mountains and North Puget Sound stay wet, but Seattle, Bremerton, Tacoma and Bellevue stay dry.

    A lot of the time, the northern counties stay wet enough for some minor river flooding, but there shouldn’t be any problems. The Nooksack river tends to flood fairly easily.

    Friday will be pretty nice with some very nice November Sunshine. Enjoy the breaks. Friday afternoon would be a great time to rake your leaves.

    Friday will have a few isolated thunderstorms, but mainly in the foothills. Friday night into Saturday morning will be dry. Saturday afternoon will be wet again, and Saturday night into Sunday morning will be gusty again. Don’t forget to fall back this weekend.

    It looks like passing showers and breezy for the Seahawks' victory Sunday afternoon!