Everything to know about US Teacher Appreciation Week

National Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day is a time to honor the dedication and hard work of educators across the United States.

Led by the National Education Association (NEA), Teacher Appreciation Week aims to recognize the vital role teachers play in shaping the lives of students, families and communities. NEA President Becky Pringle emphasized the significance of educators' efforts in ensuring every student, regardless of background, has the support and resources needed to succeed.

"Teachers are the cornerstone of our education system, guiding and nurturing students to reach their full potential," Pringle stated in a news release. "Their tireless commitment to fostering learning environments where all students can thrive deserves our utmost appreciation."

Keep reading to learn more about Teacher Appreciation Week, and when it will be celebrated this year.

When is Teacher Appreciation Week 2024?

National Teacher appreciation week will be observed May 6-10, 2024.

When is National Teacher Day 2024?

National Teacher Day will be observed on May 7, 2024.

Since 1985, NEA has celebrated National Teacher Day on the Tuesday of the first full week of May, highlighting the significance of educators' role in society.

elementary school teacher writing on chalkboard

Students at an elementary school work on math problems in a classroom.  (Bernd Weißbrod/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Does Teacher Appreciation Week always take place in May?

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated every year during the first full week of May.

What is the theme of the Teacher Appreciation Week 2024?

According to the National PTA website, this year’s theme is "Teachers are Shining Stars."

When did National Teacher Appreciation Week start?

Since 1984, the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) has designated a week in May as Teacher Appreciation Week, acknowledging the exceptional contributions of teachers nationwide. PTAs organize events at national, state and local levels to honor teachers' dedication and impact. However, the tradition of National Teacher Day actually dates back to 1953 when former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt proposed its establishment to Congress. 

Are there any specials or freebies for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week?

To show appreciation for the nation’s shining stars, a number of companies and restaurants will be offering deals and freebies to educators during the week. 

Should you give teachers something for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Parents and students often give teachers cards and gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week to express their appreciation.

What can I get my child's teacher for National Teacher Appreciation Week?

From handwritten cards, notes and pictures to gift cards to stationary items, there are a variety of ways to express your gratitude for a teacher's hard work and dedication. Here are some popular gift ideas:

  1. Gift cards: Consider gift cards to coffee shops, bookstores or restaurants where teachers can treat themselves.
  2. Classroom supplies: Teachers often spend their own money on classroom supplies, so gifts of pens, markers, notebooks or other items can be helpful.
  3. Plants or flowers: A potted plant or bouquet of flowers can brighten up a teacher's desk and serve as a reminder of appreciation.
  4. Personalized gifts: Items like custom mugs, keychains or tote bags with the teacher's name or a special message can be cherished keepsakes.
  5. Books: Consider gifting books for the teacher's personal or professional reading enjoyment.
  6. Treat baskets: Put together a basket of snacks, chocolates or other treats for the teacher to enjoy.
  7. Classroom decorations: Gifts like posters, banners or other decorations can help liven up the classroom environment.
  8. Educational games or activities: Provide games, puzzles or other educational materials that can enhance the classroom experience.
  9. Donation to a cause: Consider making a donation in the teacher's name to a charity or educational organization they support.


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