Seattle's ‘Belltown Hellcat’ faces new criminal charges for stalking, harassment

Miles Hudson, notoriously known as the "Belltown Hellcat," is facing his third set of criminal charges, filed by the Seattle City Attorney’s Office on Friday. This marks the fourth case filed against Hudson by the Seattle City Attorney's Office.

Hudson, who has gained infamy for his reckless behavior and social media antics, was charged Friday with violating the Seattle Municipal Code and/or the Revised Code of Washington for stalking and disclosing intimate images without consent. A conviction that could result in up to 364 days in jail and a fine of up to $5,000 for the gross misdemeanor charges.

The charges stem from an incident reported on May 9. According to the police report obtained by FOX 13 Seattle, Hudson's ex-girlfriend contacted authorities, stating that she had been harassed by Hudson since their breakup a month prior. Hudson, who refers to himself as "SRT Miles" online, has a following of over 700,000, and frequently posts videos of himself driving recklessly in his 2023 Dodge Charger Hellcat.

The complainant reported that Hudson had been incessantly calling, messaging and leaving voicemails, despite her efforts to block his number. He reportedly used number-generating software to bypass these blocks. In one instance, Hudson even threatened to post nude images of her online and claimed to have already sent similar images to other people.

Adding to the fear, Hudson revealed the complainant’s place of work to his followers, resulting in numerous phone calls and messages to her and her colleagues. This forced her to leave her job due to safety concerns.

The complainant also shared a portion of a voicemail in which Hudson threatened to "crash out," a term she explained means engaging in reckless behavior that could lead to injury or violence, including a potential drive-by shooting.

According to the police report, Hudson physically restrained the complainant by holding her in a bear hug and blocking her from leaving his apartment.

The Seattle Police Department is continuing to investigate, including seeking video evidence of Hudson arriving at her workplace unannounced.

Hudson remains under scrutiny as the Seattle City Attorney’s Office continues to pursue legal actions against him, including a criminal case for reckless driving.

On June 18, Seattle City Attorney Ann Davison, who filed a motion for default judgment on May 31 against Miles Hudson after he failed to respond to a city lawsuit alleging violations of the city's noise code, appeared at a hearing.

Wearing a full face mask, sunglasses and a shiesty, Hudson, who represented himself without counsel, addressed the court about his Dodge Charger. However, the judge granted the city's motion for a default judgment of $83,619.97, citing Hudson's failure to properly communicate with the city.

It is unclear if Hudson will be represented in court by counsel for these latest charges. When asked about the absence of his lawyer on June 18, Hudson responded, "I don't know. I am going to have to speak to my lawyer. It’s unfortunate that my lawyer couldn't come today." 

Hudson is no stranger to the court system. He is also facing accusations which stem from a violation of a suspended sentencing agreement out of Renton in 2022, which involved an assault charge after a confrontation with his mother because she wouldn't make him coffee.

For now, Hudson is ordered to appear in court in July for his latest criminal charge, and any failure to comply could result in an arrest warrant and further legal consequences. 


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