A terrible record: 14 kids have fallen from windows in Snohomish County

A four-year-old girl is recovering after she fell out of a third story window at her Lynnwood home, and county officials worry more incidents are coming soon.

Officials with South County Fire report a child fell out of her townhouse window around 8 p.m. on Saturday.

The incident happened on 40th Avenue West in Lynnwood, but this is just one of eight similar incidents just in the month of June for Snohomish County.

"Summer is just getting started, and we have already had so many, that we fear it’s just the beginning of a record-breaking year," said Shawneri Guzman with South County Fire.

In total, 14 children have fallen out of windows in Snohomish County this year. Luckily, no one has died, but Guzman tells FOX 13 Seattle the county has never seen so many incidents.

Guzman says the increasing number of townhomes in the area are playing into the higher numbers of falls. She says these taller buildings mean children's rooms are higher up.

In the summer, more windows are open to deal with the heat. Medical officials say July is the most dangerous month for these sorts of incidents, with the highest number of falls each year.

"If you have a window in your house, and you have a child that lives there, your child has a potential to fall out of that window,’ said Guzman.

Guzman says this growing issue can be addressed easily with a $5 to $10 window stopper. She says the devices are simple to install, are not permanent and can save your child’s life.

This issue is not a unique problem for Snohomish County.

Harborview Medical Center reports treating 40 to 50 children every year who have fallen from windows.

Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital reports 44 incidents of children falling from windows in 2023. That is the highest number they have seen since 2015.

For more information on window stoppers click here.


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