Seattle bikini barista responds to customer's threats by smashing windshield

A bikini barista fought back after a customer argued over the price of his drinks and threw them at her, prompting her to call police and press charges. The incident, captured on video and shared on social media, has sparked widespread debate.

After posting the viral video, some have blamed the barista, asking what she did to deserve having drinks thrown at her. Emma Lee, 23, says she wants to hold the customer accountable for his actions, noting it wasn’t the first time he had been disrespectful.

Lee knows her regular customers' orders by heart, having worked her way up from employee to owner of the stand, Taste of Heaven Espresso in South Seattle.

"When it went for sale, I was like, I need it," Lee said.

What she didn’t need was a customer throwing drinks at her. Emma’s reaction was swift. The customer's windshield shattered after a heated 15-minute exchange over the price of a coffee and water.

"You don’t get to name your own price," Lee recounted, explaining the incident. She also took the customer’s words personally when he said, "Nobody is going to miss you."


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Lee explained the customer ordered a 32-ounce coffee and a 24-ounce water, which totaled about $22. She often tries to defuse these situations by charging him an even $20, but this time, she claims the customer insisted on paying less than the cost.

"No one is forcing you to come here," Lee said. "The argument that he didn't know or was scammed doesn’t hold up. The prices are listed," she said.

The argument escalated when the customer backed up his car, got out, and became more aggressive.

"It was a threat after screaming, spitting, and trying to pry open the window, I felt in danger," Lee said.

Emma stated that she acted in self-defense, citing her right to protect her property.

Despite the frightening encounter, Lee stands by her actions and is prepared to face any legal consequences.

"Why should this kind of interaction be expected because of the environment? It’s disgusting," Lee said. "It's okay for him to be outraged, but it’s not appropriate for me to respond?"

Police were called, and Emma has since filed charges for misdemeanor assault. The customer is banned from the stand, although he could take her to small claims court for the cost of his windshield.


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